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Posted by Rover on September 22, 2014 at 2:25 AM


The camera world, in my opinion, is moving towards universal camera bodies that allow the use of many different lenses and then the ability of recording what the sensor sees to an external recorder.


This approach will allow for faster improvements on the camera sensors without leaving the owners in a state of “always upgrading”. The odyssey 7Q is the latest in this external recorder race. Timeslice Cinematography South Africa two units and are installed with Arri Raw, Canon Raw and Sony Raw Licenses.


The recorder can capture footage in almost any format from almost any camera. Go-pro to Arri Alexa XT. To go further the recorder offers internal conversion to Pro Res, allowing for huge time and data saving aspects.


Another big advantage is that up to 4 HD cameras can be connected to one recorder and then to tether multiple recorders together. This allows one to shoot multi-camera functions and concerts with ease. You can lock the time-code across many cameras and sync audio in real-time. At the end of the show, simply download the 2.5” SSD drives data and boom, all your camera footage and sync’d audio is downloaded, in Pro Res.


Futhermore, the odyssey is a professional 8” Oled monitor with waveform, zoom in, false colour, zebra and focus assist modes and can apply 3d LUT internally. All round a great time saving device that will make your time on set go by without a hitch.


Call us to book your Odyssey for your next shoot and see how simple shooting to a recorder can be!


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