Timeslice Cinematography (PTY) Ltd is 100% licensed by the SACAA
to operate drones in South Africa and is also recognised as a
legal operator in Namibia and Mauritius 

In terms of camera tech on the drones we have it all: two fully rigged aerial teams which can include equipment such as - Arri Alexa Mini (2 in-house, PL and EF mount), RED Epic Dragon (PL and EF mount), Canon C300 mk ii (PL and EF mount), Movi M15, Arri wireless focus WCU4, filtration, Anamorphic lenses. The FreeFly Alta allows for the ultimate use of creativity allowing the camera to be mounted under the aircraft or above it "Sky-view".

Our operating specifications also include the ability to film within 5m of people, close the buildings and objects and along side or over locked -off roads. We however did not stop there, as filming requirements are often demanding and specific to locations, we also obtained operational specifications to fly in controlled airspace and at night.
Click here for all the technical specifications and certification.
In order to meet the SACAA Part 101 requirements for commercial drone operation in South Africa, Timeslice Cinematography holds the following accreditation:
- A Remote Operators Certificate
- Pilots with Remote Pilot's License rated on Helicopters and Multi Rotors
- Insurance
- In house Arri Alexa Mini (2 Units) Movi M15 (2 Units), RED Epic Dragon, Arri Wireless WCU4 with Micro-force motors and Canon C300 MK ii all camera bodies with either 
  EF or PL mount options.

We want you to be able to get the most out of your drone shoot, please click here for a producers', directors' and director of photography document on operational limitations of the drone, what to expect on the shoot day and how to put a contingency plan into place in the event that operating conditions are not ideal on the day.

Left: Timeslice Cinematography owner, Jonathan O' Connell receiving Timeslice Aerials ROC from from Pule Ramolefi at the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

The Operational Specifications issued to an Remote Operator by the SACAA (South Africa Civil Aviation Authority) may be different for each operator and are dependent on what relaxation of the regulations the operator has applied for. Timeslice Cinematography demonstrated to the SACAA that it can competently operate close to people, within controlled airspace and close to people and buildings and was given permission by the Director of the SACAA to operate in such conditions. For example, not all operators may be operate in controlled airspace, within 50m of people or a public road or near buildings. We advise that if you are uncertain, you ask the operator for their operations specifications or "Ops Spec".