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360 Video and VR Rigs Hire | Johannesburg | Cape Town | South Africa

VR and 360 Video are the new buzz words and activation must-have's for 2017. With new technology comes a new set of rules and considerations. Timeslice Cinematography has a wide range of 360 video and VR solutions to suit your requirements, including a live feed option. Our in-house VR Technical Director, Nicole Phillips, has been working with and developing our VR section of over a year and has a wide range of VR experience and training. Nicole has worked as the technical VR Director for many VR and 360 productions including VW, Telkom, Toyota, Investec, PWC, Nissan and Sanlam to name but a few.

Timeslice Cinematography is also a fully licensed drone operator in South Africa and can carry the VR rigs on the drone.

 Technical Specs:

  •  4K or 8K (Omni RIG) deliverable file
  • The Omni Rig is self powered which is great for longer takes.
  •  Final file delivered in .mp4 format
  • Click here to download a file indicating "safe" or recommended distances from the rig when scripting a storyboard. Note: objects may be closer, but might have to be  rotoscoped and animated in during post for a "smooth" finish and this will add to the final post production cost.
  • Rate includes a technical VR director who can advise on the best scripting of subjects' movement for the best final stitch versus cost versus desired effect equation.
  • Rate includes a support vehicle for on -the-go battery charging and back-ups, ideal for on the move or multiple location shoots.
  • Rate includes a two man team, live stitching preview from the Teradek Sphere as well as a variety of rigging solutions.
  • As additional tracking options, the VR rig can be mounted on the Freefly Tero, Freefly Alta Drone or onto a roller-blader for those high paced action shots. 

Post Work Flow:

  • Rough, low res (HD) stitches of selected takes are provided to client for an offline edit
  • Once the final selection of the stitch has been approved, the time code of the exact sections of the footage required is sent back to us
  • The stitch is then finalised and tweaked to the desired / briefed level 
  • Final deliverable (spherical file) is then either sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox to client
  • The footage can then be edited, graded, graphics as well as sound tracks added as per the normal 2D workflow process
  • Timeslice Post can also assist with a general cut, grade, sound and basic graphics or text added into a 360 clip